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Natural Breast Lift


Breasts are one of the most distinctive feminine and beautiful feature of a woman's body, adding to her beauty and sex appeal. And it only makes sense if you take proper care of them. Making them look and feel as good as possible not only boost your self esteem or self confidence, it can also make everything you wear over your bra look better than ever before.

Despite this, many women do not properly look after their breasts and wear bras which do not fit well, offer little support, and displace the breast tissue, pushing it under the arm or flattening it around the breast wall.

The recent studies show that it is estimated that only 20% of women are wearing the right sized, fitted and shaped bra for their body! That means 80% of women are unaware that they are wearing the wrong size bra. The problem here is not that they do not want to look good or find the right bra that fit. As most of them have no idea how to buy the perfect bra or even understand about meaning of the number A65, B70, C70 and 30, 32, 34 or 8, 10, 12, 14….and so forth, thus leading to misshapen busts, ill-fitting and uncomfortable shapes - which not only look unflattering, but can cause long-term problems such as back and neck pain. The bottom line is that if they knew they would do it.!!

If you put a little extra time and effort into choosing the right bra that will make you look good and think of buying a good, well-fitting bra as an investment with both present and future benefits, not only will it prevent your breasts from drooping in the future, you would be very surprised you will immediately look slimmer and more in proportion.

Why Choosing The Right Bra Is So Important?

If your bra is too tight, it can cramp up your breasts, thus leading to poor internal blood circulation and will cause several dysfunctional problems. Further, you might see sores and rashes. Also the tight strap and base may cut into the skin and cause injuries.

Wearing bras that are too loose will make your breasts sag. Since your breasts will not get a proper support, they will try to distend or fall flat on the fabric of the bra.

Choosing the wrong designed bras may also be unhealthy and ruin your figure. For example, bras with broad bases will make small breasts look even flatter.

Wrong bras can make your outer garment seem ungainly and sloppy.

Is That The Right Bra You Are Wearing?

Below are the following clues and indications for you to watch out the bra you are wearing is not meant for you:-

* Your bra center does not properly touch the breastbone region of your chest.

* Your breasts are drooping or looking generally out of shape.

* Your breasts are getting cramped inside the breasts.

* There are red marks on your shoulders caused by your bra strap. As you move, your breasts bounce up and down and the straps keep falling off unless you tighten them, in which case the strap dig into your flesh, causing red marks.

* You are suffering from headache, shoulder, neck and back pains, especially after wearing bras.

* The breasts bulge out of the cups, leaving them with 'over spill'. Or breasts forced over the top of the cup in a double bump.

* The breasts have a weird shape (whether appear drooping, lumping, etc) under the clothes.

* The bands of the brassieres ride-up your back resulting non-supported and drooping breasts, as well as bulging back the fats.

* You will often notices that your shoulders are constantly being pulled forward direction.

If you are among these suffers having any of these brasseries' hazards or problems related to the breasts , it can be remedied by wearing the right sized and shaped brasserie.

Tips For Choosing The Right Bra

Here are some tips to help you to find the perfect bra no matter where you are purchasing it.

A) Measure Your Breast size First.

Before choosing bra, you should know your own breast size. To find out the correct size of the bra cup, you need to measure twice.

Firstly, use a body tapeline to measure around your rib cage under your breasts (around breast basement) and record the measuring number.

For the second time, put the tapeline on the top of your boobs and then measure around the fullest part of your bosom at the level of the nipple and record the measuring number.

The difference between the two measurements will give you the cup size and then compare with the bellowing table.

In Europe, the breast size is represented in inches.
CUP The subtracting value (Buds size - Body size)

AA 0 inches
A 1 inches
B 2 inches
C 3 inches
D 4 inches
DD 5 inches

If you do not want to measure your boobs by yourself, just simply go to the bra counter and ask the salesgirl to help you to properly measure you for the correct bra size. It's much easier to let a professional measure you and suggest the correct styles that she can find right in the store, than to try and do it all on your own.

B) Stand By Different Types And Sizes Of Bras.

It is not advisable to buy a bra during the period or prior to the period as during the period, your breast would be larger than usual. If you find that the breasts' sizes change during the menstrual periods, you should look for the oversize one. It is recommended before your period you should have a special bra for these days.

During pregnancy and the period of breast-feeding, hormonal changes can make a woman breasts become larger and elastic in the skin to tear, thus showing red irregular marks on the skin surface. Massage regularly with a moisturizing cream, then the elasticity of the skin will increased and the breast skin becomes soft and supple. Avoid under wired bras during pregnancy, as breast may become too fragile and sensitive.

Remember to remove bras at night. An underdeveloped breast is a matter of great concern for women, but massaging with a nourishing cream is the only remedy.

Further, if you're losing weight or if your weight varies over the course of the month, a bra with a little lycra or stretch is more accommodating and won't crease under clothing.

It is also preferable to get a bra that is comfortable on the middle hooks because this would change size a bit, thereby making the bra adjustable. Remember, your breasts will change with diet, pregnancy, exercise, age, and taking the Pill.

C) Choose A simple Bra.

It is safe and can be used more often with any of your dresses such as evening dress, sleeveless etc. It is not too exposure. Color such as dark, beige, flesh-colored or light brown, can be used more often so it is very worth to buy this color other than colorful one needed to match with dark color dress.

For example when you're wearing jeans and a T-shirt, you may just want a soft, seamless bra to shape you and to go with clingy tops. Wear flesh-colored bras to avoid showing through, and wear dark-colored bras under dark tops; there's nothing worse than showing a glimpse of white bra under a black top.

D) Choose The Appropriate Bra Shape and size.

Small Bust:

For a small bust, try a support bra with silicone or pleated bra or balcony style bra, with or without padding, thus giving you an enhanced neckline, excellent uplift, and a lovely, curvy shape. Half-cup bras also flatter a smaller bust; padding at the sides and under the bust give maximum lift. Avoid bras that have square-cut bust lines; they'll flatten you even more.

Medium Bust:

For those women who prefer to try a push up bra, it is recommended to choose the oversize bra such as if your breast size is B70, please try C70 that would make you feel more comfortable

Large Bust:

For women with larger busts, choosing full cups will contain the breast better and give a better appearance, sustain the good and give more comfort. Under wired with the wider shoulder and back straps bras provide better support under the bust. Smooth, plain bra styles, without too much lace, help to make your bust appear smaller.

E) Your Breast Size May Not Be The Same.

Your breasts may have a different size between left and right. It is a normal condition. Search for the large breast cup size, and tighten the strap to the breast rather small.

F) Choose Bras With The Right Fabric Texture.

Cotton or micro fiber material feels more comfortable for those women who are on the move and on daily usage. This material will follow the movement of body and your skin can breathe more freely. For the appearance section, select the bras with satin or lace. A word of reminder! Never buy bras on sale as it is old and the fabric texture is lost of flexibility and it is not allowed for trying.

G) Always Test The Convenience Of Your Bra.

Always ensure you wear your bra correctly. While this may seem silly to women who have been putting on bras for years, there is indeed a proper way to do it. It is recommended that you follow the following steps when putting on your bra:

Put your hands through the straps so that the straps are over your shoulders and hump to the front and adjust your breast position so that your breasts are completely within the cup with the nipples being at the fullest point within the cup. Use your right hand to move your left breast put into the bra cup as much as possible then use your left hand to move your right breast. Make sure the hooks are fastened at the middle position; stand up and adjust the straps so that your breasts are at the right level; and make sure that the bra does not rise at the back and is comfortable without being too tight.

H) Never Be Lazy Or Shy To Try.

Before buying any bras, it is recommended to try it at all time. Never lazy or shy to try it and do not rely on your instinct or assumption too much. You should try it first although you know your breast size because of difference in cutting style, brand name, fabric texture.

Further, when trying a bra always wear a little tight shirt or blouse, which will give a clearer picture whether the bra fits you or otherwise. If your breast are-looking "overflow" or the bottom of the bra feels "bite", meaning you bra is insignificance.

Always try a smaller number. If you feel like selecting bras is a kind of waste your time, it is recommended that you should bring all bras you do wish to buy them to the fitting room and try them at the same time.

Complete your bras collection with the bras that without a rope to an evening dress worn with a open shoulder,tank top blouse or dumbbell. And do have at least one special bra for sports. You should buy them at least 2-3 bras at once so that you will not waste your time.

There is no such thing as a perfect bra. The most you can do is to find a bra that fits you most comfortably. This can be done only if you take your bra shopping seriously.

Do consult the salesgirls as they are expert so that they can recommend and teach you about the tips on how to wear bra. The most important is, don't forget that you should try your bra every time before making decision to purchase it. Because whether you like it or not, wearing a bad bra can have some unpleasant side effects on your health. Wearing the correct bra can correct and prevent all of the problems mentioned above if a bad bra was to blame. You'll feel and look much better, all with a simple switch of undergarments.

Keep in mind that bras have a limited life span of about six months. If you haven’t bought a new bra for awhile, it’s time to go shopping! Now, you know all the tips for selecting appropriate bras, let's go out and enjoy shopping bras.

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