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Natural Breast Lift


If you have been following my previous blog, you will notice that 80% of women are unaware that they are wearing the wrong size bra. One of the main reasons is that they have no idea or even understand how to measure their breasts size correctly.

Once you know your accurate bra size, you'll find that bras fit much more comfortably and provide more support.

In order to measure your success with natural breast enlargement, you need to measure your breasts correctly.

Measuring the circumference of your bust can help you see the “big picture,” but it’s more accurate to measure each breast individually.

Here are some simple steps to determining your cup size:

1. Get Your Band Measurement.

Stand up straight. Holding a tape measure snug, measure across your rib cage directly under the breasts.

If your measurement obtained is an odd number(33ins.) add 5ins. to get bra size 38, or if your measurement obtained is an even number (32ins.) add 4ins. to get bra size 36.

Bottom line, add 5” to an odd number and 4” if it is an even number to determine your band size.

2. Measure Each Breast Individually.

Using a tape measure, measure the width of each breast from the inside edge to the outside edge directly across the nipple.

3. Determine Your Bra size.

Next, using that number, subtract the band measurement you just determined. Each inch defines a cup size.

For example, if your bust measurement is 38" and your band measurement is 36". That is a two inch difference which would make your cup size a B.

Using your band and individual breast measurements, determine your cup size using the lists below:

Bra Size Chart


Less than 1" AA
1" A
2" B
3" C
4" D
5" DD
6" DDD (3D)
7" DDDD (4D)
8" DDDDD (5D)
9" DDDDDD (6D)
10" J
11" K
12" L

For 32” band (27”-28” rib cage):
6” = A cup
7” = B cup
8” = C cup
9” = D cup

For 34” band (29”-30” rib cage):
7” = A cup
8” = B cup
9” = C cup
10” = D cup

For 36” band (31”-32” rib cage):
8” = A cup
9” = B cup
10” = C cup
11” = D cup

For 38” band (33”-34” rib cage):
9” = A cup
10” = B cup
11” = C cup
12” = D cup

If your breasts are two different sizes, it is generally best to fit your bra to the larger size breast. Fortunately, it is often possible to even out your breasts with natural breast enlargement!

Whether your goal is firmer, fuller, or more symmetrical breasts, the techniques discussed in the following guide can help you enhance your bust WITHOUT phony pills or false promises!

Natural Breast Lift program is an easy, effective process, as long as you follow the simple step-by- step guide along the way!

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Natural Breast Lift

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