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Natural Breast Lift


Protein is the key!

Protein supports breast enlargement in two ways:

a) It re-builds the body.

b) Keeps blood sugar levels steady.

Protein building blocks, known as amino acids, combine to form skin, bones, teeth, muscles … and breasts! Protein is the cell (and breast) builder.

Protein also has a breast enhancing effect on your blood sugar level! High blood sugar levels lead to high insulin levels, which have been proven to increase testosterone.

To avoid the breast-busting effects of testosterone, you need to stick to foods that won’t wreck havoc on your blood sugar level. Protein is perfect! Because it is a complex substance, it is digested and released into the blood stream slowly, keeping insulin (and testosterone) levels low.
Your body can’t store protein, so you have to eat plenty of it each day.

How much is enough?

Most nutritionists recommend that 20%-30% of your daily calories come from protein sources.

Great protein-rich foods include eggs, fish, and lean cuts of meat. Vegetarians can get their daily dose from beans, low fat dairy, and protein powder.

Either way, you now have a perfect excuse to eat your way to bigger breasts!

Coffee can Sabotage your breasts growth!

Well, I hate to break it to you, but coffee is a real boob killer.

Caffeine might get you going, but it also gives your insulin level a jolt. And as insulin levels increase, so too does testosterone. Insulin triggers your body to produce more testosterone and it makes your body more sensitive to the effects of testosterone.

That’s bad new for your breasts because testosterone cancels out the effects of estrogen - the single most important hormone involved in breast development!

Caffeine also cranks up dopamine, a feel-good chemical located in your brain.

While dopamine might contribute to a temporary coffee buzz, it also suppresses the production of prolactin - another crucial breast enlarging hormone.

So, before you reach for that next cup of coffee, why not try something that tastes good and will benefit your bust line?

I suggest Bustea! Credit goes to Dr. James A. Duke, author of, The Green Pharmacy, for creating this cleavage-enhancing cocktail.

Bustea is brimming with breast enlarging phytoestrogens and is a total snap to make.

Here’s how to do it:

In a saucepan, combine 1-2 cups of water with several tablespoons of fenugreek seeds.
Add a dash or two of the following spices: anise, caraway, fennel, and licorice.
(You can find them all at your local grocer.)
Allow the water to boil for several minutes and strain before drinking.
You can add lemon juice and honey to improve the taste.

Be sure to enjoy 1-2 cups of Bustea per day for the best breast enhancing effect!

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